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Bench Top Dual Reactor Stand  |  Unjacketed Scale-Up Systems  |  Sublimation Apparatus  |  NPT Tapped GL45 Cap  |  Separatory Funnel  |  Swinging Motor Mount  |  Kilo Scale Bubbler  |  Air-Actuated Drain Valve

 Bench Top Dual Reactor Stand

Bench Top Dual Reactor Stand

Dual stand only, designed for the Dual Scale-Up Series™ reactors. Stand features: 100mL to 6000mL capacity, lightweight aluminum, adjustable leveling feet and six (6) quick adjustment rod-holding brackets for up to 5/8" (16mm) diameter rods. Base dimensions are 19-1/2" x 30" (DxW) with code -48 at 48" height and code -38 at 38" tall. Call for custom heights. Not included are our 6442 family of mounting clamps nor our 11177 family of ring supports that must be sized to the supported vessel.
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 Unjacketed Scale Up System

Unjacketed Scale-Up Series

Ace Glass Scale-Up Series™ plain bench-top reactor base system includes the essential items needed to begin building a customized reator specifically for your application. Reactors scale-up from 100mL to 6000mL on the bench and their geometry translates into our Kilo Scale reactors. Base systems include a flask, CAPFE o-ring and a stand with supports. Add head, condenser, funnel, etc. to complete your custom reactor.
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 Sublimation App

Deep Vacuum Sublimation Apparatus

Improved sublimer for deep vacuum operation featuring a Viton® O-Ring and our 6517 quick release clamp. Designed for deep vacuum with the vacuum valve on the top of the sublimer to keep the sublimate around the cold finger and out of your vacuum trap. Increased spacing between the cold finger and outer body leaves more room for your product.
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 GL45 Cap NPT tap

NPT Tapped, GL45 Cap

GL45 cap with an NPT tap designed to accept various male NPT adapters found, for instance, in Ace compression tube fittings product families 12707, 12708, 12709, 12710 & 12770 or standard taper joint adapters in family 12866. Caps are available in polypropylene or PTFE. Contact Ace for larger sizes. Ideal connections for Duran laboratory bottles.
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 Separatory Funnel

Separatory Funnel

The safest separatory funnel available, our 7247 funnel features a plastic coating, a removable PTFE drip tip and pressure relief rodaviss threaded cap and stopper. Common accidents involving separatory funnels are breaking the glass drip leaving a jagged edge, weakening the vessel integrity by scratching the surface of the glass and spills when the stopper is removed under the pressure caused by agitation of the contents. The features of these funnels lessen the risk of all these accidents.
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 Swing Mount

Swinging Motor Mount

Swinging motor mount used with the 12842 universal stand. Designed for use with our 13553 standard motor and the Caframo 1540 Crossover (13569-01).
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Kilo Scale Bubbler®

Kilo scale bubbler for inerting or purging large reaction vessels. Product features a ground glass check valve preventing oil or air being pulled into the system. Ace-Safe™ hose connections eliminate the safety hazard of broken glass hose connections.
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 Air Actuated Drain Valve

Air-Actuated Reactor Drain Valve

Ace all PTFE reactor flush drain valve with control from your in-house air supply. Unique design weds our proven PTFE flush valve with a low profile air cylinder, control box and hoses. All wetted surfaces are PTFE or Kalrez®. Valve will stay closed under heavy loads and temperature gradiants due to it's constant air supply. Loss of air pressure will not cause the valve to open. Order with your new reactor or replace an existing Ace flush drain valve.
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