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Modular Kilo-Scale Reactor Stand  |  Short Path Distillation Systems  |  Ace Assortments  |  3" Beaded Pipe Inlet/Outlet Flasks  |  3x2 Flush Seal Drain Valve  |  Custom Filter Reactor  |  Sub-Zero Triple Wall Flask  |  Two-Piece Distillation Head

 Modular Reactor Stand

Modular Kilo-Scale Reactor Stand

The Ace Kilo-Scale Modular Stand is a mobile platform for reactors and filtration vessels from 10L on up to 150L. Modular design allows a customer's existing stand to be modified to accept 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and 450mm flanged vessels as well as accommdating rod mounted or flange mounted stirring motors via interchangeable parts. This low profile stand features a vessel lift operated via a ratcheting handle that eases reactor assembly and is particularly useful for lowering a filter reactor's base below the vessel.
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 6815-127 Short-Path System

Short Path Distillation Systems

Short Path Distillation System packages are modular in design to accommodate the well-equipped lab as well as those needing complete turnkey systems including a vacuum cold trap, tubing and all support accessories.
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 Ace Assortments Kits

Ace Assortments™ Kits

Assortment Kits ensure you’ll have the right adapter or stopper on hand when you need it most. Choose from our best selling reducing and enlarging standard taper glass joint adapters, our ubiquitous Ace-Thred™ probe adapters and our most popular hollow glass stoppers.
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 12880-3202 3

3" Beaded Pipe Inlet/Outlet Jacketed Flasks

3 inch beaded pipe bottom reactors have been added to our 12850 product family of jacketed flasks. These reactors are paired to our 6372 product family of 3x2 flush seal valves. These new additions to the family are identical to the original vessels in dimensions, flange style and jacket inlet/outlets with the exception being a 3 inch beaded pipe bottom rather than a 2 inch.
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 3x2 Valve

3x2 Large Opening Flush Seal Valve

Bottom drain valve featuring a flush seal seat. Fits 3 inch beaded pipe bottom vessels such as our 12850-3202 cylindrical reactor. The valve seat is double the size of our standard flush seal valve seat and opens with an easy turning large knob. The 2 inch beaded pipe outlet quickly flushes even large sediments from the generous volume of the glass body. Available with your choice of O-Ring and pinned or plain configurations. Pinned versions are designed to reduce wobble when used with our 8100 or 8101 PTFE agitators.
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 Custom Filter Reactor

Custom Filter Reactor

Ace Glass Kilo-Scale Custom Filter Reactors have been a big hit this past year. With sizes ranging from 10L to 150L, we have the reactor to fit your needs. Whichever material you are filtering, we pride ourselves on our quality glass, sleek filter base, and customer-centric design. Whether you are looking for a faster recrystallization, a smoother filter process, or a reactor with versatility, this custom filter reactor is what you have been looking for.
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 Sub Zero Triple Wall Flask

Sub-Zero Triple Wall Flask

Uniquely designed triple walled, vacuum jacketed flask for sub-zero work with a need to dump quickly. The flask is designed with a large bulb just below the valve seat to accept a large volume of solution upon opening. Large slots in the PTFE valve ensure a fast dump for solids and temperature sensitive solutions. The flask cooling jacket and vacuum jacket extend into the bulb area to minimize warming Tested to minus 45°C.
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 6602 & 6603 Two-Piece Head

Two-Piece Straight Through Distillation Head

6815 systems feature our 6602 vacuum jacketed straight through column and 6603 Liebig condenser, with vacuum monitoring port. The two-piece design simplifies cleaning and the O-Ring ball and socket joint allows for some adjustability over a standard taper joint. For use with or without customer supplied packing material.
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