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Instatherm ® 333 G ACE TH A N N I V E R S A R Y Eliminate the need for heating tapes, immersion heaters and heating mantles. N IN J 1936 2011 V FOR GLASS VESSELS I NN O V I I O O N N A A T ACE INSTATHERM ® SS LA E L A N D, Instatherm ® is a safer, more precise heating method for the laboratory. It is an Ace Glass proprietary process that fuses a noble metal alloy coating directly onto the glass surface. Once the insulating and protective covering is applied, the Instatherm electrical circuit provides the most rapid and precise heating method available. Thermal lag is minimal with no hot spots. When placed on a magnetic stirrer, it becomes the best heating and mixing combination on the market. Because Instatherm ® is a process, it can be adhered to any glass vessel. This section features our standard vessels for your convenience, however custom application inquiries are most welcome. • • • • • • Rapid, even heat — low thermal lag No super-heating Suitable for magnetic stirrers Extremely accurate heating More precise than mantles Accommodates variety of vessel sizes and shapes I nstatherm ® O il B aths THE SAFEST HEATING METHOD… Borosilicate Glass Fused-to-Glass Conductive Heating Film Integral Outer Insulation 9601 INSTATHERM ® OIL BATH   Low Form  Low form, glass open vessels coated with Instatherm ® . Designed to operate up to 250ºC, heating response time is very rapid, (5° per minute), with very low thermal lag. The bottom is uncoated so the bath can be put on any popular magnetic stirrer for stirring while heating. Baths are designed to run with oil or a heating media. Never run Instatherm baths dry or breakage can occur, especially at higher temperatures. Capacity is without a vessel. Connector plug is designed to work with Ace or J-Kem temperature controllers where the output voltage can be automatically limited to match the bath. Bath can also be matched with ACE or J-Kem temperature thermocouple sensors for complete automatic operation. If using another type temperature controller, voltage should not exceed the rated voltage (see below). Complete item includes clip for sensor and/or thermometer. Integral six-foot controller cord. Approx. (mm) Capacty, Volt/Amp I.D. x O.D. x Hgt. mL Rating Qty. Order Code   64 x   70 x   50  160  20/5 1 9601-08   94 x 125 x   65  340  40/6 1 9601-12 119 x 125 x   65  700  40/8 1 9601-14 142 x 150 x   75 1200 120/5 1 9601-16 182 x 190 x 100 2600 120/10 1 9601-18 Bath & Cord 410.63 445.46 456.95 502.69 588.79 Order Code 9601-38 9601-42 9601-44 9601-46 9601-48 Complete with Clip 439.52 474.35 485.84 531.58 617.68 9601-16 Low Form Instatherm Baths Allows small Mini-Lab size flasks to be stirred internally with magnetic stirrer bars while being heated in baths For a quick guide to ACE & J-Kem temperature controllers, see page . A line voltage control should not be used on ACE Instatherm low voltage oil baths unless it incorporates a step-down transformer that limits the voltage to the heater rating, e.g. 20 volts or 40 volts. Ordering & Product Information: 1-800-223-4524