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Mon, 2nd Jul 2007
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Mon, 31st Jan 2011
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How do I free a frozen stopcock or glass joint? 40291
Can Ace Glass certify volumetric ware or serialize glassware? 17603
What does Class A, Type 1 glass refer to? 35110
What does fire-polish mean? 31568
Where can I find information on extractables in lab glass ware? 17083
Where can I find information regarding plastic compatibility? 18946
Where can I find information regarding o-ring compatibility? 85127
Is there a listing of replacement o-rings for Ace Glass items? 83303
What is the temperature limit for Quartz? 37966
General Information on Bearings & Stirring Shafts 97924
Photochemistry Technical Information 80194
How to assemble a Bench Scale Reactor 33441
How to assemble a Large Scale Reactor 45531
What are is the porosity range for Ace Fritted filter ware? 21016
What is the typical thickness of Ace Fritted discs? 18519
What pressures can the fritted discs take? 25013
What are good cleaning techniques for laboratory glassware? 343620
What are the common voltages on Ace equipment products? 19218
What is the difference between borosilicate glass and quartz? 63328
Is Ace Glass labware made from Pyrex? 20514
What does hard glass and soft glass mean? 45766
What pressure can borosilicate lab glass handle? 47919
What are the typical temperature ratings on lab glassware? 73503
How do I sterilize/clean my glassware? 28824
I see a condensor in the catalog with a certain size joint, can I get different size joints? 18616
Can I get different size and number of necks on a flask? 18387
How large can you make your fritted discs? 19827