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Mon, 2nd Jul 2007
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Wallace Rogers
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Tue, 20th Dec 2016

   What pressure can borosilicate lab glass handle?


What pressure can borosilicate lab glass handle?


The real pressure ratings depend on the wall thickness of the piece and the temperature as well. Most standard lab glass products, at room temperature, can take pressure up to 25-30 PSI. Also, be sure there are no scratches in the glass, as they will weaken the piece, which could cause it to break under pressure. Some glass vessels have very little or NO pressure rating. Most flasks or beakers are 5-15 psi maximum. Contact us 1-800-223-4524 or at support@aceglass for exact information regarding your application. You can also refer to the nomogram in the Technical Data Tables section of this support module of our website.

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