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- Alan Flamberg, Raj Shah and Sarjeel Zaman

May 2020 Volume 26, Issue 5: Lubes'N'Greases Magazine

As more countries around the world continue to demand advancements in fuel economy and emission standards in modern engines, the automobile industry is leaning on high performance engine oils to help accomplish that goal. One property that is critical for engine performance is an oil’s viscosity at low temperatures. Oil that has thickened due to aging and oxidation can cause catastrophic engine failure when—especially in cold conditions—it is too thick to be pumped into critical parts of the engine.

The Romaszewski Oil Bench Oxidation test can be used to quickly and economically develop oil formulations that will maintain low-temperature performance over the oil drain interval. Adoption of the ROBO test into the API SN and ILSAC GF-5 passenger car engine oil specifications presented a significant cost savings to the engine oil industry. The $1,500, 40-hour bench test can be run in place of the Sequence IIIGA fired engine test, which cost $40,000 when GF-5 made its debut 10 years ago and takes 100 hours to run...

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